About Us

We have made it our mission to make haylage from the quality, and nutritional value,  classified directly behind the lush pasture. Our product is perfectly natural, of corse  its best  when Mother Nature cooperates and gives us need during the growing season a healthy balance between rain and sun.
Our business principle
1. Nutritious, delicious haylage
2. Without chemicals
3. Quality control
4. New Technology
5. Fast delivery
6. Friendly service

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Buy only the best for your loved ones
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Our goal is to deliver a flawless, payable product that surpasses the expectations of our customers.

this is what  a friend of mine said back to my question
which horses he has to sell:

small horse for little people
strong horses for powerful people,
lean horses for slim people,
big horses for big people
- And for those who are still riding never
We have horses that have not yet ridden.